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  • April 18, 2023
  • 2 mins read

Streamlined proposal management with automation and more - March updates


Our team has been making enhancements in streamlining proposal management with automation and easier channel creation. Want a quick preview? Here's what's new:

  • Participants see only their own proposals in a channel
  • Streamline your proposal management with new automation
  • Channel creation optimization


Participants see only their own proposals in a channel



Channel managers can now enable a setting that lets users and guests view only their own proposals in a channel. This feature is especially beneficial for collecting invention disclosure reports.

You can also use it with public channels and, for example, open a channel for collecting students' thesis topic suggestions.

Learn more in Orchidea's knowledge base.



Streamline your proposal management with new automation 



We have enhanced proposal management in channels with new and improved features:

  • Proposal submission or filling of a management form triggers automatic tasks
  • The new optimized user interface of form automation and settings
  • New automation changes the status after the completion of all tasks 

Learn more here



Channel creation improvements



Creating channels just got easier! The new channel creation process guides you through choosing the right template before adding channel description and other details.

Enjoy a more straightforward and intuitive experience!




Minor updates

  • Security improvements: if you submit the wrong password 5 times, the password will be locked
  • Users and channel managers can now add co-creators after a proposal is created. Co-creators are also able to edit the proposal.
  • "My proposals" filter has been added to the channel feed
  • Bubble charts show by default only proposals in the activate statuses for improved clarity
  • Text search performance optimization
  • Language improvements to the Finnish and English versions of Orchidea. if you notice any errors, you can report them to

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more exciting updates to come! As always, we'd love to hear your feedback or suggestions, so feel free to share your thoughts with us anytime. Thanks for being a valued Orchidea user!

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