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  • January 11, 2024
  • 2 mins read

New GPT model, onboarding for managers, and more

Happy New Year! 🎉 We're starting the year on a high note with some awesome updates to Orchidea. Get ready to manage your ideas even faster and smarter this year. Here's our latest updates:

  • Next level of innovation with advanced GPT model
  • Start with ease - onboarding for workshop and challenge managers


Next level of innovation with advanced GPT model




Thought our AI was already generating amazing ideas? Well, prepare to be blown away because it just got even better. We've integrated a new and improved GPT model that takes accuracy, descriptiveness, and creativity to a whole new level. With this updated model, AI-powered innovation is now more powerful than ever before.


Try it out in your workspace



Start with ease - onboarding for workshop and challenge managers



Jumpstart workshops and challenges smoothly and receive guidance on every crucial step. We tailored onboarding for workshop and challenge managers so that

kickstarting the first ones is a breeze. Starting has never been easier!


Check it out





Minor updates

  • New workshop template: Braingrouping plus. It is the same seamless process as in Braingrouping, but it follows with grouping the ideas into themes.
  • In the grouping phase of the Idea grouping workshop, 4 proposal groups are automatically created when the phase starts.
  • You can now go through all image attachments at once when you open the image.
  • Stay on track of the channels a user or guest is a member of by checking the "member of" tab in the user's profile in the user management.
  • You can now see the word cloud also during the challenge or workshop and see how it is building up.
  • Verified visitors also receive the "new phase started" emails when the challenge phase starts.
  • Orchidea has been optimized for faster performance.
  • You can edit the group names in the Idea grouping workshop easily by double-clicking the group name.


Exciting, right? Explore the new updates and don't hesitate to share your valuable feedback or suggestions with us at any time. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the year!

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