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  • October 13, 2023
  • 2 mins read

AI facilitation features, external tasks, and more - September updates

We've been hard at work, making significant strides in external collaboration, AI workshop facilitation, and enhancing our Kanban capabilities, among other advancements. We're thrilled to reveal these exciting updates since our last conversation, so without further afp, let's dive right into the latest developments:

  • External collaboration with tasks
  • AI workshop features for the facilitator
  • Discover monthly activity email
  • Identify proposals without activity 


External collaboration with tasks




Tap into external expertise and streamline collaboration. You can now delegate tasks to visitors who aren't part of your workspace. They'll receive exclusive access to a specific proposal, and once the task is done, their access will be revoked, ensuring both data privacy and smooth collaboration.


Read more



AI workshop features for the facilitator

ai helper


Workshops have upgraded AI features for facilitators. Here's what's new:

  • In the development phase, you can generate development comments on proposals with AI. 
    Learn more here
  • Before starting your workshop, generate alternative problem statements easily with AI
  • 15 language options: We added plenty of language variations for AI workshops

See how to do it here



Discover our monthly activity email



Your monthly window into the most important proposals. Orchidea users will receive an insightful email update every first Wednesday of the month, highlighting the three most popular and actively discussed proposals. This not only helps you stay informed about critical proposals but also encourages engagement.





Identify proposals without activity

inactive ideas


We've introduced a feature that highlights proposals lacking activity, providing you with an easy way to spot them. You can alter the number of days before a proposal is highlighted to suit your preferences and customize the Kanban cards to show the inactivity.







Minor updates

  • Customize the look of Orchidea login page by adding your own text and image
  • The mobile viewing experience has been improved in the first phases of the workshop
  • You can now invite challenge experts who are not existing users of Orchidea 
  • Channel proposals import supports also the importing of proposal submitter email 
  • Improvements in "My tasks" user interface
  • Rich text fields like challenge and workshop briefs now support embedded videos from YouTube and Vimeo by just adding the video URL.
  • New channel type filter in the workspace activity report
  • All tasks are removed when the channel is archived
  • The channel name is bolded when there are new proposals created after the user's last visit to the channel
  • You can search for proposals by their submission date
  • You can see the number of comments on a proposal in Kanban


That's all for now, but stay tuned for more exciting updates to come! We'd love to hear your feedback or suggestions, so feel free to share your thoughts with us anytime.

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