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  • May 5, 2022
  • 1 min read

Added customization opportunities - April updates

Take a look at our most recent updates on better customization opportunities.


Copy and paste pictures from your clipboard at once!

Nimetön suunn.malli (12)

We have improved attachment uploading.

For example, If you have a picture copied to your clipboard, you can just paste it while editing text. This is especially handy with screenshots because you can now skip saving them!

You can also crop the picture while uploading if you wish.


Read more from the Knowledge base

Edit the workspace name

Workspace admins can now alter the Workspace name from the home page settings.

With our latest update, it is possible to import proposals to channels from CSV files. For example, Excel sheets of ideas can be imported as proposals. Each idea will be converted into a separate proposal.


Customizable card information in the workflow


You can now customize the information shown in the workflow cards. You can add proposal presenter, creation date, and assigned manager to the cards.

Read more in the knowledge base




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