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  • February 14, 2023
  • 2 mins read

New fair pricing including free version

We are excited to announce that we have launched our new pricing model! Our goal with these changes is to make the pricing fair, boost collaboration, and make it easy to start using Orchidea.


We have three main changes:

1. Fair pricing - Pay only for the managers

Our fair pricing structure means that customers no longer have to pay for participants of ideation – just the managers. This means that the pricing is more equitable, as customers won't be charged extra for the participants. And predicting the number of participants can be extremely difficult. We do not want to punish our customers for involving a large crowd.

Additionally, this encourages collaboration – allowing different users from both internal and external sources to work together without any additional fees. It is easier than ever to co-create, invite experts to evaluate ideas, or crowdsource the ideation to larger groups.


2. Suitable pricing level for smaller teams

To make Orchidea available for smaller teams, we've created a second, more affordable pricing tier alongside the traditional professional plan - so even small teams can benefit from Orchidea. This pricing tier offers slightly fewer features than the traditional professional option but still has all the necessary tools for small teams' requirements. Hence, any size team can get access to and reap the rewards of what Orchidea has to offer.


3. Free version of Orchidea

Anyone curious about Orchidea can take advantage of our free version and explore what Orchidea offers! This version is suitable for people who want to try out the platform before making a decision. The free version provides our basic features with restrictions on the number of users and active workshops, channels, and challenges.Sign up free



Overall, these changes are designed to make accessing our services easier and more cost-effective. Our new pricing model makes it easy for teams of any size to find the right plan that works best for their needs. If you want to see the pricing and the features, visit our website!

P.s. If you are our current customer and are worried about how the new pricing will affect you, don't worry! You can continue with your current pricing if you wish.

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