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  • January 28, 2020
  • 4 mins read

50 Free innovation images

Most of us have been probably in this situation: you are in a hurry to create your presentation or blog post, but you can't find suitable images to support your message. We at Orchidea have faced this problem too many times. That's why we asked our super creative team member Liana to create 50+ images about the most typical innovation topics. Here they are for you to use!!

But wait, we have one small request! [attribution]

Creating images like this takes time and effort and therefore we ask from you give credit to us. We have made it super simple for you to attribute. Here are the ways to do it based on the media you are using
    • Web e.g. website, newsletters, blogs, emails - copy the following link and paste it close to where you’re using the resource: <a href="">Innovation images by Orchidea</a>
    • Prints e.g. books, cloths, flyers, handouts - insert the attribution statement close to where you’re using the resource. If it is not possible, place it in the credits section. Here are examples of attribution statements: "image:", "This T-shirt was designed using resources from".
    • Video - copy the following link and paste it to the appropriate place in the video description: <a href="">Innovation images by Orchidea</a>
When you are using the link in your digital materials it should look like this (below):

Innovation images by Orchidea

How can you save the image

You can save images by

  1. right clicking the image with the mouse
  2. choosing Save image as....
  3. naming the file
  4. clicking Save

The images are saved in WebP file format when you use Chrome or Firefox browser. If you are using Internet Explorer of Safari, they are saved in PNG file format. If you want save the files in PNG file format, open this page with either of these browsers.

saving an image-1

And now, without further ado, here are the images.

1. Innovation


Keywords: Idea, plan, action, innovation, brainstorming

2. Think outside the box

Think outside the box

Keywords: robot, innovation, idea, brainstorming, think outside the box


3. Creative thinking


Keywords: idea, communication, puzzles, problem solving

4. Creative process

Creative process

Keywords: innovation, idea, together,  crazy ideas

5. Creativity and innovation

Creativity and innovation

Keywords: innovation, creativity, imagery, get the innovation flowing

6. Business innovation

Business innovation

Keywords: organizing innovation, planning innovation, innovation plan

7. Innovation for change

Innovation for change

Keywords: puzzles, solving puzzles, creating idea

8. Innovation skills

Innovation skills


Keywords: thinking fast, brainstorming

9. Radical innovation

Radical innovation

Keywords: reinvent, invent, idea, innovation

10. Innovative leadership

innovative leadership

Keywords: Brainstorming, planning, strategy, group planning, workshop, innovation

11. Innovation network


Keywords: Networking, Work, sharing ideas. collaborate, innovation

12. Brainstorming


Keywords: Brainstorming, Innovation, idea

13. Innovation center

Innovation center

Keywords: Reach the goal, together, teamwork, innovation

14. Innovating together

Together innovative

Keywords: Innovating together, problem solving, solve puzzle, innovative thinking

15. Teamwork for innovation

Teamwork for innovation

Keywords: Teamwork, innovation, team building

16. Imaginative thinking


Imaginative thinking

Keywords: Innovation, puzzles, thinking

17. Types of innovation

Types of innovation

Keywords: time management, problem solving, analyzing, innovation

18. Innovation team

Innovation team

Keywords: Connecting, team work, idea, innovation

19. Technological innovations

Technological innovations

Keywords: Ideas, explore, innovation

20. Innovation innovation

Innovation innovation

Keywords: Goals, reward, working, innovation

21. Digital creative

Digital creative

Keywords: Responsible innovation, eco, innovation, idea, creative

22. Innovative design

Innovative design

Keywords: Reward, planning, strategy, innovation, design

23. Innovation economy

Innovation economy

Keywords: Reward, environmental, growth, innovation, economy

24. Teamwork


Keywords: Innovation, teamwork, winning, certificate, idea

25. Innovation services

Innovation services

Keywords: Teamwork, excellent idea, reward, idea, innovation

26. Examples of innovation

Examples of innovation

Keywords: Strategy building, goals, innovation

27. Innovative design


Innovative design

Keywords: Idea process, building, reward, goal, innovation, idea

28. Creativity



Keywords: Creativity, innovation, idea

29. Business innovation

Business innovation

Keywords: Work, process, idea, innovation

30. What is creativity

What is creativity

Keywords: Standing out, idea, innovation, unique, creativity


31. New innovations

New innovations

Keywords: Idea, outside the box, innovation

32. Innovation theory

Innovation theory


Keywords: Idea, Time, analyzing, innovation

33. Creative thinking skills

Creative thinking skills

Keywords: Growth, learning, ideas, creative

34. Innovation skills

Innovation skills

Keywords: Idea, care, polishing ideas, innovation

35. Creative development

Creative development

Keywords: Idea process, Idea, time management, brainstorming, reward, teamwork, innovation, development

36. Workshop


Keywords: Helping, innovation, teaching, brainstorming, idea, workshop

37. Creative tools

Creative tools

Keywords: Gold, idea, Reward, innovation, tools, creative

38. Innovation growth

Innovation growth

Keywords: Reaching, idea, goals, progress, innovation, growth

39. Creative


Keywords: Idea, innovation, brainstorming, idea, creative

40. Innovation models

Innovation models

Keywords: Idea process, Ideas, idea cycle, innovation

41. Breakthrough innovation

Breakthrough innovation

Keywords: Big ideas, Goals, Ambition, innovation, ideas

42. Market innovation

Market innovation

Keywords: Idea, Searching, innovation

43. Benefits of innovation

Benefits of innovation

Keywords: Idea, searching, innovation

44. Innovational


Keywords: Innovation, searching, clues, ideas

45. Growing with ideas

Growing with ideas


Keywords: Innovation, thinking, growing, ideas

46. Innovation tools

Innovation tools

Keywords: flow, idea, process, reward, innovation, brainstorming

47. How to be creative

How to be creative

Keywords: Writing, ideas, innovation, idea, creative

48. Being creative

Being creative

Keywords: innovation, heart, reward, time management, business, idea, creative

49. Brand innovation

Brand innovation

Keywords: idea, process, business, reward, innovation

50. Importance of innovation in business

Importance of innovation in business

Keywords: Idea, catching, business, city, innovation

51. Innovation funnel


Keywords: Idea, proposal, protype, commercialization, product, service, innovation funnel

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