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AI in idea management [Orchidea demo webinar]

Idea management - collecting, evaluating, and implementing ideas - is key to driving organizational innovation. With the rise of AI, idea management has leaped forward and opened new opportunities. In the webinar recording AI in idea management - Orchidea demo, we will discuss the practical use of AI in idea management. We will discuss its security issues and demonstrate Orchidea's wide range of AI features, from idea generation to visualization, development, and evaluation.

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The role of AI in idea management

Before we get into the benefits of AI in idea management, we first need to understand the essence of idea management. It is a structured approach where employees, customers, or stakeholders are encouraged to develop ideas and suggestions to improve products, services, or processes and where these ideas are evaluated and the potential ones implemented. By harnessing AI, idea management can be faster and more impactful.

AI-based systems excel at analyzing large amounts of data and identifying patterns, allowing organizations to generate ideas faster. This capability can increase the number of creative solutions proposed, fostering innovation.

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Key benefits of AI in idea management

AI can benefit the idea management process in many ways. Most benefits are related to efficiency, quality of ideas, and creativity. One of the main advantages of AI is that it saves people time to focus on higher value-adding tasks. The main benefits of AI in idea management are:

  • Improving the quality of ideas: AI can challenge humans and generate higher quality and more creative ideas. In a study (Girotra et al. 2023), students and ChatGPT-4 each came up with 100 ideas that were compared. The results found that the AI ideas were 22% better, and 87.5% of the top 40 ideas were generated by ChatGPT-4. In the webinar recording starting from 6:44.
  • Accelerating idea generation: AI algorithms can process massive assets, such as market trends, customer feedback, and industry-specific data, and generate ideas quickly. These ideas can be used to support your creativity or use the best ones as they are. Read more about AI in idea generation here.
  • Improved idea evaluation and prioritization: AI can evaluate ideas based on criteria you choose, such as relevance and feasibility. In addition to AI evaluation, your choices can be validated by an expert.

  • Unbiased evaluation: AI evaluates ideas objectively and evidence-based. By setting predefined evaluation criteria, AI can evaluate and rank ideas based on their potential impact. As a result, organizations can make better-informed decisions.

AI idea evaluation


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Security of artificial intelligence in innovation

When using AI, you should always keep data security in mind, as some AI programs can, for example, use your data for training purposes or link your data to conversations. Orchidea's AI uses ChatGPT but does so in a much more secure way.

In Orchidea, the user cannot be directly identified, as the user and AI inputs are only processed in conjunction with the Orchidea service, confirming the user's privacy. Furthermore, the data provided will not be used to train the AI. The data is also only stored for 30 days, unlike in ChatGPT where the data is only removed when you delete the conversation. You can learn more about this in the webinar recording starting at 9:15.


Applications of AI in idea management

Orchidea offers a variety of ways for collaborative innovation. For example, you can continuously collect ideas through channels or organize time-limited ideation campaigns through challenges and workshops. Check the webinar starting from X. You can involve customers, partners, and other key stakeholders in all of these activities and increase efficiency through AI. Orchidea's AI capabilities include:

AI-powered brainstorming:

AI is an excellent tool to streamline idea generation. In the Orchidea workshop, AI participates in the idea-generation process with others. It generates ideas at a steady pace and supports the creativity of the participants. AI also contributes to the further development of ideas in the workshop. The demo in the webinar starts from 12:50.

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As well as generating ideas, AI can help to develop ideas forward. The AI can give you additional suggestions for improving your idea, and you can ask it questions in chat about the advancement of your idea, risks, or new perspectives. More about this from 20:46. You can also visualize your ideas using the AI's image sketching.

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AI in the processing and evaluation of ideas

Ideas can sometimes be challenging to process. AI can greatly enhance the evaluation process, provide an objective view, and make informed decisions. AI will quickly develop its proposal according to the criteria in the evaluation form, which the expert can modify if necessary. AI can categorize ideas, score them numerically, or do the textual evaluation for you.

Orchidea also has other AI features to facilitate processing. For example, you can view similarities between ideas and combine ideas effortlessly. More about the processing in the webinar starting from 23:05.

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The use of AI in idea management offers many benefits, such as generating better ideas and increasing efficiency in processing them. Orchidea's AI offers a variety of ways to use AI securely from ideation to processing, saving experts time for higher value-adding tasks. Watch our webinar recording above and see how to put AI to work!

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