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Business Innovation - Why and How [Infographic]

Innovation has been a hot topic in recent years as everybody is afraid of their business being disrupted. Who would not be scared if all your customers suddenly start talking about a disruptive newcomer like Tesla. Despite your best efforts, everybody is just swarming about their sports car in space or the new cybertruck.

What can you do? You have to up your game too. In this infographic, we have summarized why you should be interested in business innovation and what are the characteristics of successful innovators. And if you are hungry for a more in-depth description of the innovation, please take a look at our all-covering blog post about innovation: Innovation definition, strategy and process.

Infographic about why and how of business innovation

If you want to understand why innovation leadership is crucial for companies and whether the diverse academic backgrounds of your employees increase the innovativeness of your company, please take a look at the 2nd infographic in the series:  Innovative leadership.

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