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Introducing Co-development Challenge template: Harness the power of collaboration

Innovation challenges have gained momentum in organizations seeking fresh perspectives and cutting-edge solutions. These time-restricted and topic-focused idea competitions provide a streamlined and efficient method for gathering ideas from all relevant stakeholders.

Co-development on the other hand makes sure that these ideas are further refined with all smart minds focusing on improving these ideas. That's why we have combined the efficiency of targeted innovation competitions and the refined results of co-development in our new innovation challenge template Co-development challenge.

In this blog post, we'll explore the importance of co-development in innovation, the value of innovation challenges, and how to effectively run the Co-Development Challenge using our template.


The Power of Innovation Challenges


Innovation challenges, or idea contests serve as a beacon for gathering fresh, inventive ideas. These competitions provide an efficient means to source creativity from all relevant individuals, be they employees, partners, or customers. They encourage participants to think outside the box, break away from conventional thinking, and push the boundaries of what's possible. Innovation challenges are not just about finding the best solution; they are about engaging the entire organization in the pursuit of innovation.

Key takeaways - benefits of innovation challenges:

  • Focused sourcing of ideas through a targeted campaign. Concentrates all attention on a specific problem requiring solutions.
  • Foster a culture of innovation across the organization and tap into the collective creative potential of a diverse group of participants.
  • Efficient idea generation: Innovation challenges provide a structured process for collecting, evaluating, and selecting the best ideas, saving time and resources.

So to sum up, innovation challenges are an excellent tool for generating a vast number of ideas from different sources. However, these innovative ideas, often require further development and refinement to become feasible solutions. This is where co-development comes into play.



Why Co-Development Matters


Co-development is a joint process that brings together individuals from various backgrounds, departments, and even external partners to generate and develop ideas collectively. Co-development propels innovation, enhancing the quality and potential of the generated ideas. Here's why co-development is so important:

1. Diverse Input: Co-development combines diverse perspectives and experiences in building the ideas further. It ensures that ideas are viewed from multiple angles, which results in more creative, feasible, and comprehensive solutions.

2. Employee Engagement: Engaging employees in co-development empowers them to be a part of the solution and aligns their efforts with the organization's strategic goals. It fosters a sense of ownership and adds engagement in implementing the solutions.

3. Feasibility and Quality: Co-development ensures that innovative ideas are thoroughly examined, enhanced, and tailored to meet practical requirements. It bridges the gap between out-of-the-box ideas and the implementation of these solutions.



Unleashing the power of collaboration: The Co-development challenge template


Our Co-development challenge template is designed to merge these two crucial components of innovation. It offers a seamless and efficient way to harness the power of innovation challenges and co-development, ensuring that promising ideas are not only generated but also transformed into actionable solutions.

Start your innovation challenge with Orchidea for free

When you are willing to engage your organization to co-develop ideas into carefully considered solutions together, Co-development challenge is the perfect choice. With this innovation challenge template, you get all valuable perspectives on the ideas as well as prioritize them quickly with shared voting.


How to run a Co-development Challenge with our template?


Orchidea has a specific challenge feature to make running innovation challenges hassle-free. Our Co-Development challenge template simplifies the process of running an innovation challenge. It provides a structured framework to guide you through the following steps:

1. Idea Collection & Co-Development: Start by gathering ideas from participants. You can open the challenge to customers, and partners, or let a small team brainstorm ideas. Participants can view, comment, and collaborate on the most promising concepts.

survivors 1

2. Evaluation: Unlike traditional processes where ideas are evaluated one by one, our template streamlines the evaluation process. Participants can prioritize proposals with a quick 'thumbs up' vote. The topic owner and experts can use numerical criteria for more in-depth evaluation.

simplified evaluation

3. Top Idea Selection: After evaluation, visually review and select the winning ideas. Share the results with everyone involved.

select ideas-2

4. Challenge Completed: Once the challenge concludes, you can easily export the results and focus on implementing the most promising ideas.

challenge completed


When should I run an innovation challenge with a Co-development challenge template?


  • Audience Size: The Co-Development Challenge suits a wide range of audience sizes, from a few participants to hundreds of people.
  • Suitable Topics: It is well-suited for various subjects where incorporating ideas and insights from all participants is essential.
  • Facilitation: No training is required for participants. The challenge platform is user-friendly and intuitive. A challenge is easy to create, and the platform guides the setup.

Unlock the full potential of your organization's innovative capacity with the Co-Development Challenge template. It's a powerful tool for solving challenges, driving strategic growth, and fostering a culture of innovation. Get started with this template today, and watch your organization thrive through the collective power of co-development.

Run innovation challenges with Orchidea for free


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free innovation challenge platform

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