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An easy way to innovate with employees, partners, customers and AI

Orchidea is the most versatile platform for innovation. With Orchidea, you can easily take your innovation activities to the next level! From AI brainstorming with a small team to gathering ideas from an entire crowd – it's all possible.. Experience innovative success today – start using Orchidea for free now!

Orchidea has everything you need:

  • AI-powered idea generation and development
  • Always open idea collection with channels
  • Campaigns with challenges and workshops
  • Easy process creation with templates
  • Evaluate ideas with qualitative expert reviews or numerical ratings
  • Manage ideas by assigning managers and sending tasks
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Platform for Innovation

Collect ideas, brainstorm and run innovation challenges. All in one platform.

Orchidea supports collection of insights, ideas and invention disclosure reports.

You can rally people around your topic with innovation challenges and AI workshops.


You can generate ideas and suggestions in many ways: with topic specific channels, by organizing an innovation challenge or AI-powered online brainstorming. Or crowdsource ideas from customers and partners.

Idea development

Let the crowd develop, ask specialist to improve your ideas, or harness AI to assist. Once an idea is ready, evaluate it effectively utilizing automation. And even if you archive the idea, it's easy to find later with the extensive search capabilities.

Innovation Challenge

Innovation challenge is an excellent way to focus the creativity of the crowd on an organizationally important topic. Challenge may be executed as a small group ideation or as organization-wide campaign with C-level sponsor.



Run AI workshops face-to-face or in remote meetings. Turn yourself into a hero facilitator with the easy-to-use step-by-step process. As one of our users said:
"Almost too easy to do!"



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