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Innovation challenge - engaging co-creation with stakeholders 

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  • Engage your team, customers, and partners in developing creative solutions
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Innovation Challenge

With Orchidea's challenge, every step is easy

Innovation challenge is an excellent way to focus the creativity of the crowd on an organizationally important topic. Let our process guide you through the challenge and make it convenient for all - the participants, evaluators, and challenge managers.

Collect ideas

Collect ideas from stakeholders

Start the challenge with idea-collection. You can crowdsource the ideation to customers and partners or let a small team generate ideas.

Co-develop ideas

Get better ideas, add transparency and learn what resonates with the participants.

Participants can view, comment and vote on interesting ideas during dedicated development phase. 


Invite experts to evaluate ideas

No burdensome evaluations.

Set challenge specific criteria and evaluate the ideas systematically and smoothly. Compare the results with the crowd votes and review the results visually.

Select top ideas

Select the winning ideas based on the evaluation and share the results with everyone.

challenge completed-1

Challenge completed! 🏆

It's that simple! Once the challenge is finished, you can focus on the implementation of the ideas.

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Questions and answers


Q: Are there participation requirements for the free trial?

A: Yes, two. 1) You need to use Orchidea and 2) give us feedback.


Q: What happens after the 3-month free trial?

A: If you want to continue using Orchidea, you can choose the most suitable of our paid versions. If you are not interested to continue, you can export your data and request us to delete your environment. As long as you gave us feedback, we are happy 😀