Free presentation and Excel templates

Plan, prepare and conduct your brainstorming sessions with ease

Don't waste your time wondering how to facilitate a workshop. With these tools, we'll help you have a successful preparation and implementation of your brainstorming sessions.

By downloading, you'll get free:

Excel for planning and scheduling your workshops.
Presentation for planning, preparing and reporting your brainstorming sessions.

Presentation for planning, preparing and reporting

  • Introductions to brainstorming.
  • A more detailed description of each step and space for workshop-specific notes for the facilitator.
  • 3 separate templates for planning and scheduling the implementation of the ideas created in brainstorm.
Brainstorming presentation picture-1
Excel picture-1

Excel for planning and scheduling

  • Calculates the schedule before the session. Fill in the steps, durations and the starting time of the workshop and our Excel calculates the schedule for you.
  • Updates the schedule during the session. By updating the actual times used in each step to the template, the excel changes the schedule and you can react to exceeding or undercutting the schedule.