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Introducing AI-powered Orchidea Workshop. Add an AI participant to boost your brainstorming sessions and get creative ideas with ease. Say goodbye to creative blocks!

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Be among the first to experience our groundbreaking AI addition to brainstorming sessions. With our AI addition, you can now bring a whole new level of creativity to your sessions. AI will act as a participant in your teams' brainstorming and provide innovative ideas and insights that you may have never thought of before.

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  • Discover the Future of Brainstorming: Experience a revolutionary workshop experience, where AI becomes your creative collaborator.
  • Harness the Power of AI Participant: Leverage the expertise of an AI participant to generate unique insights and explore unconventional ideas.
  • Exclusive Early Access: As an early adopter, you'll gain access to our AI-powered workshop feature before anyone else and completely free of charge.

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1. What is the AI-powered workshop feature?

Our AI-powered workshop feature integrates artificial intelligence into brainstorming sessions, allowing users to collaborate with an AI participant. It enhances ideation by leveraging AI's capabilities and providing unique perspectives for more innovative outcomes.

2. How does the AI participant contribute to brainstorming sessions?

The AI participant acts as a participant and provides ideas with your team. It enhances the creative process by giving alternative perspectives and expanding the range of ideas.

3. Can I try the AI-powered workshop feature for free?

Absolutely! As part of our early access offering, you'll have the opportunity to try the AI-powered workshop feature for free during the trial. Our only request is to get feedback to make our Workshop even better.


4. What happens after I join the waitlist?

We give access to a limited number of participants at a time. We will contact you and provide you with free access to the workshop when it's time.

5. Is Orchidea AI workshops as insecure as the openAI's ChatGPT?

No! We operate through Azure, which affects the processing of data. With Orchidea, all AI outputs are at the Orchidea service level and cannot be associated with an individual client or user. You can learn more directly from Microsoft 

6. Is my data used for training the AI? 

Nope! Your data will be safe and not used to train the AI unlike in ChatGPT. Learn more here.

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